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Premium Heavy-Duty

Plastic Nursery Pots

Plastic pots are the ultimate solution for the small space gardening in apartment or terrace. The plastic containers of the Froot Pots have become an instant choice among the gardeners for its durability and efficiency.

If you are looking for the plastic pot manufacturers and wholesale suppliers at one place, then we are the best dealer for your all types of requirement in nursery containers. Our online plastic pots store has the largest inventory of containers.

We believe to establish a strong relationship with our customers. We continuously take feedback from our customers and try to modify them to provide better products. We use eco-friendly plastic pots that are meant for recycling as well to maintain our ecologically responsible practice.

The online store of the Froot Pots has the following collection of plastic pots:

Plastic Grow Pots: For the seedlings rely on the grow pots to have healthy saplings with strong root structure.

Large Plastic Flower Pots: For the flowering plants like sunflower, you should have large pots so that the roots can grow as much as possible.

Decorative Flower Pots: It is the best choice for ornamental foliage and flower plants. The decoration will give complement to the leaves and flowers as well.

Plastic Planter Boxes: If you have small saplings or herbs, then you can grow them on the box planters. It is also a good choice for seedlings. You can hang flowering plants like petunia on the planter boxes from the balcony.

Square Plastic Pots: These versatile pots are ideal for greenhouse use and a popular choice for the nursery. It is a great option for vegetable and flower seedling transplantation. These reusable, as well as durable pots, allow releasing of the plants without making any damage to the roots.

Whether you own nursery business and looking to buy plastic pots in bulk or an amateur gardener; we have the plastic planter solution for both.

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  • Available in 1 - 60 Gallon Sizes
  • Wide mouth rim for easy handling
  • Pre-drilled for drainage & aeration
  • Sturdy, Durable & BPA Free

Premium Heavy Duty

Fabric Nursery Pots

Froot Pot presents a wide range of fabric pots to ensure the right amount of water retention and aeration of the roots of the plants. Trusted by top professionals in gardening, we are the best providers for wholesale fabric pots available in all sizes.

Fabric pots or popularly known as the grow bags allow the gardener to cultivate a maximum number of plants in the same premises as it ensures proper supply of oxygen to the roots. If you want to grow plants indoors, then the hydroponic fabric pots are the best choice for you. Whether you want to buy wholesale or single piece, we are the best online store for every type of planting container solution in a smart way.

All the grow bags of Froot Pot are scientifically proven to work best in every situation. When the roots of the plants will get maximum oxygen, you will get a perfect result in root structure resulting in healthy foliage and flowers. As the plats will get higher nutrients from the soil, it will have better resistance against the pests and diseases.

Along with that, the aeration aspects of the large fabric pots keep the temperature of the soil low for better growth of the plants. Our grow pots will last up to 6 growing seasons depending on the weather condition of the gardener. This is the best choice for the seedling. You can reuse the bags by just cleaning the dirt with water.

With the fabric pots of Froot Pot, you don’t need to wait for the perfect location as you can start to showcase your love for plants on the balcony, terrace or backyard. Now, it’s your time to order the grow bag from our online store to create the synchronized atmosphere of greenery.

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  • Available in 1 - 400 Gallon Sizes
  • Proprietary Fabric allows perfect air/moisture levels
  • Sturdy, Durable & High Quality

Premium Plastic

Heavy Duty Saucer

To make your sure your gardening is messfree, you have to place heavy duty saucer under the pots. Froot Pot gives you the wonderful opportunity to get best saucer for your plants. We have a wide range of sturdy, durable and reusable pot suacer in various sizes for wholesale as well as individual sale.

We have 6″ heavy duty saucer perfect for the small pots to make sure your plants will stay hydrated as required. For the heavier pots, you can have the 16 inch saucer that will accommodate large nursery plants. For the medium size pots, we recommend 12″ heavy duty pots that are easily washable for reuse.

The Froot Pot black plastic saucers are specially designed to support the maximum weight of the plants and ensure better drainage. It is a perfect partner for the plastic, ceramic or clay pots that will protect the surface as well. The roots of the plants will get required humidity from the retaining water on the saucer.

To find out the perfect match for your pots, we suggest you to select one size larger saucer than the particular pot to have enough space for drainage. For example, if your pot is of 14 inch, it will be better to buy heavy duty saucer of 16 In for best performance. If you want more water holding capacity, then you can go with larger size. Although, most of the pots taper down towards the base, you can fit the same size saucer to save space.

If you are still confused with the appropriate size of the saucer, then Contact Us today. Check out our huge collection of heavy duty plastic saucer both in black and green colors to provide perfect drainage as well as the humidy for the growth of the plants.

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  • Available in 6" - 60"
  • Durable, BPA-free Premium Plastic
  • Available in multiple colors

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